Ranunculus acris, Ranunculus acer, Ranunculus stevenii, SE: Smörblomma,
DE: Scharfer Hahnenfuß, NL: Boterbloem, UK: Meadow buttercup, Tall buttercup

Scientific name:  Ranunculus acris L.
Synonym name:  Ranunculus acer Auct., Ranunculus stevenii Beck
Swedish name:  Smörblomma, solöga, vanlig smörblomma
German name:  Scharfer Hahnenfuß
Nederlandse naam:  Boterbloem
English name:  Meadow buttercup, Tall buttercup
Family:  Ranunculaceae, Ranunkelväxter

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Life form:  Perennial herb
Stems:  Fibrous-rooted stem-base, sometimes with rhizomes; stems single, erect or nearly so, 20-110 cm tall, stiff-hairy or smooth, hollow.
Leaves:  Divided virtually to base into three lobes
Flowers:  Glossy yellow flowers (about 25 mm across). Five overlapping petals borne above 5 green sepals
that turn yellow as the flower matures
Flowering Period:  May-September
Fruits:  Achenes, 15 to 50 in a globe-shaped head 5-7 mm wide, the achenes egg-shaped, 2-3 mm long, 1.8-2.4 mm wide, smooth, margins prominent, keeled; beaks wide and flattened, 0.2-1 mm long, tip of variable length, curved or straight, awl-tipped.
Habitat:  Througout the country

Ranunculus acris, Smörblomma,Scharfer Hahnenfuß,Boterbloem, Meadow buttercup, Tall buttercup

Derivation of the botanical name:
Ranunculus from Latin rana, "little frog," because many species tend to grow in moist places.
acris, acer, sharp, irritating, pungent.
  • The standard author abbreviation L. is used to indicate Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778), a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, the father of modern taxonomy.
  • The standard author abbreviation auct. is used to indicate the Latin term 'auctorum', meaning "of authors", often given to indicate that a name is used in the sense of a number of subsequent authors and not in its (different) sense as established by the original author.
  • The standard author abbreviation Beck is used to indicate Günther von Mannagetta and Lërchenau Beck (1856 – 1931), an Austrian botanist.
Owing to its acrid properties Ranunculus acris is usually avoided by cattle.

Ranunculus acris, Smörblomma,Scharfer Hahnenfuß,Boterbloem, Meadow buttercup, Tall buttercup

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