Rosa dumalis, SE Nyponros, DE Vogesen-Rose, Blaugrüne Rose,
NL Kale struweelroos, UK Glaucous Dog-rose

Scientific name:  Rosa dumalis Bechst.
Swedish name:  Nyponros, köttnypon
German name:   Vogesen-Rose, Blaugrüne Rose
Nederlandse naam:  Kale struweelroos
English name:  Glaucous Dog-rose
Family:  Rosaceae, Rosväxter

Sweden Wildflowers
Location: Ragunda

Life form:  Shrub
Leaves:  Blue-green, pinnate
Flowers:  Dark or light pink
Fruit:  Rosehip is oval, bald and quite soft
Spinescence:  Long, bent thorns
Flowering Period:  June, July
Habitat:  Forests and pastures

Sweden Wildflowers

Derivation of the botanical name:
Rosa may be an Etruscan form of Greek Rhodia, “Rhodian, originating from Rhodes.”
dumalis, dumosus, thorny, compact, bushy.
  • The standard author abbreviation L. is used to indicate Johann Matthäus Bechstein (1757 – 1822), a German naturalist.